Author: Noam Yagil

Silence meditation

silence – surrendering into this place of quietness, the empty space between the breaths. The stillness that is found in the earth, the silence of the entire universe. The silence experiences has many dimensions, some times it’s like a point of stillness, some times it’s a spacious quietness, and some times it is going into depths.   and some times it’s just למדיטציה של כניסה לשקט הרבה דרכים האבסטרקטית – לשחרר הכל ולהגיע לשקט השכלית -להרחיב את מרווח השקט שבין המחשבות זאת שבאה מהלב – להתמזג לשקט שבטבע זאת שמגיעה מהריק – להתמזג עם כל הבריאה זה פשוט להיות...

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a walk in the park and meditation with a tree

Again I got a sort of invitation to just lay back relex into the tree, I relaxed removed my thoughts – but then realized I still have the one that is feeling or witnessing the whole exchange – and i relaxed it too, I found my self for a moment like in a dream floating on nothingness, and then again I was out sitting in meditation.

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Walking meditation love the earth

One of the best walking meditations I practice is Love the earth 🌏 meditation This walking meditation came to me a few years back, when exercising my channeling abilities, I asked for a meditation tailored for my current needs and got this one. I practiced this love walking meditation for a few months before carrying on to the next technique. How to do this feet, love, earth-walking meditation: Start walking let your thoughts roam for 10-15 minutes. After that tell your mind it will be able to continue thinking later on. Focus on your feet and love ❤️ the...

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Meditative yoga on the beach

This morning I decided on practicing my meditation on the beach, however, when getting there it felt more like yoga. I started with submitting the fruits of my practice to the goddess of all that is, and to Shiva the founder of yoga, and asked for guidance. As before I was guided to go into emptiness and then let my body do the practice as guided by the Shiva consciousness through emptiness. My body automatically went into sun salutations from Sivananda’s practice, but then my eyes closed and different variations and asanas came in a flow in a way...

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