Author: Noam Yagil

walking meditation with golden healing

Sometimes I find the easiest way for meditation is walking, today I chose the golden healing meditation style – or actually it chose me, I started walking as always with head full of thoughts, I let the thoughts run their course for the first 10-15 minutes of the walk  and then tried to decide on a meditation technique for this walk.

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what is meditation

Meditation is a way for spiritual and personal growth used all over the world. Basically meditation is a gate for entering a different state of awareness. Some of the experiences people go to through meditation are:
Silence, stillness, void, bliss, love, happiness, oneness, channeling, full knowledge of an object or idea etc …

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Mother-reiki meditation October 2013

One of the significant experiences I had at 2013. Saturday night I had a walking meditation in which I focused on 2 aspects of healing energy I am working with. A mother – goddess healing energy I connected to first in a healing course at 2003 A golden – angel light healing energy I connected during healing sessions on cancer patients. Both are aspects of healing energy I connected to when doing Reiki, healing sessions and at that point in time I thought only one of them is Reiki -and the other is something else but today I realize...

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Hatha Yoga as meditation practice

Can I use a regular yoga pose for meditation? there is yoga poses designed for meditation like Sidhasana, Padmasana (Lotus), Sukhasana etc …
But what if I can use my regular physical yoga practice for meditation – what will be the effect? and how can we do that?

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