Author: Noam Yagil

Working with itchy pain

Working with emotional pain is the way I am using my meditations to lift me up from where ever I am.
Hmm – actually when my mind wonders in meditation – it is usually because of un handled pain in my physical body or emotional body.
Here I am talking about using this same working with physical pain.

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Inner cleansing through outer cleansing

Sometimes the best way to cleanse yourself from negativity is through outer cleanse. The method: Just choose an area in your house/office that need some cleaning, approach the task remembering that the outer cleanse is also a ceremony for an internal cleanse. ( The intention is important and strengthen the process – but is not a must as the effect will happen from itself ) At home it can be doing the dishes, washing the floor, or just arranging your room each of these is having a cleansing effect on you mind-emotional body the result will always be a...

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About Purification techniques

Cleansing and Purification techniques can be thought as a preliminary practice to meditation.
I think of it more as a standalone practice, it can lead to meditation and it can help going into meditation easily,
but its effects are good for everyone who want to change a state of being from one to another.

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